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Lance Fondren

Lance Fondren is the CEO of Inked, where he drives culture, leads strategy, and focuses on thought leadership in the energy sector. Prior to Inked, Lance was Right-of-Way and Land Manager of XTR Midstream, LLC, a subsidiary of Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc. At XTR, Lance was responsible for all aspects of right-of-way and land acquisition, threatened and endangered species compliance, and permitting. His charge was to deliver "ready-to-build" midstream projects to XTR's engineering and construction groups. Prior to XTR, Lance worked as a Landman for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, where he directly acquired or managed teams to acquire property rights necessary to build gathering lines, transmission lines, compressor stations, and processing plants. Lance was the point of contact for land issues involved with asset and equity purchases and sales of hundreds of miles of pipelines and multiple subsidiary companies of Anadarko and its midstream affiliate, Western Gas Patners, LP. Prior to Anadarko, Lance entered the industry by inspecting casing on drilling locations throughout Wyoming. Lance has extensive experience in all aspects of land activities, A&D activities, advising on midstream company strategy, budgeting, and system design. In his free time, Lance enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, exploring the outdoors, hunting, and traveling. Lance holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Wyoming, where he was voted Best Senior in Economics by faculty and graduated magna cum laude. He is currently obtaining an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
VP Land & Business Development

Brandon Dageford

Brandon Dageford is Co-Founder and VP of Land & Business Development at Inked. Prior to Inked, Brandon was a Senior Land Agent at XTR Midstream, LLC. At XTR, Brandon was charged with cradle to grave project management of several trunk and gathering lines. Included in this charge was general routing, preparation of line lists, acquisition of survey permission, coordination of routing adjustments, drafting of contracts, negotiating of contracts, permitting of crossings and encroachments, coordination of environmental contractors, provision of construction support, and reporting. Before Inked, Brandon worked as a Consulting Senior Land Agent for Tallgrass Energy Partners, where he was tasked with acquisitions and permitting for several lengthy pipeline projects. Brandon has worked in many oil and gas basins throughout the United States and brings a tremendous amount of experience in routing, acquisitions, permitting, and project management to Inked. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys being around his wife and his dog Frankie boy, fishing, hunting, golfing, and watching Nebraska Cornhusker football. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Peru State College in Nebraska. Brandon is an active member of the Oilfield Connections International, American Association of Petroleum Landmen, International Right-of-Way Association, the Louisiana Pipeliners Association, Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners and the Pipeliners Association of Houston.
Land Manager

Adam Little

Title Manager

Stephanie Harris

Project Manager

Justin DesCombes

Justin DesCombes is a Co-Founder and Project Manager at Inked. Justin has acquired hundreds of miles of right-of-way and always strives to reach agreements that are mutually beneficial for clients and property owners. Prior to co-founding Inked, Justin was a Senior Title Agent at XTR Midstream, LLC, where he oversaw all aspects of abstracting, title examination, title curative, and data management for a large scale midstream project. Justin started in the industry as a Landman for Purple Land Management, where he gained his vast title skill set by working mineral leasing projects in several oil and gas basins across the United States. Justin brings an extensive background in abstracting, title review, title curative, mineral acquisitions, leasing, data management, and technical savvy to Inked. His understanding of mineral title and surface titles is unparalleled. Justin also has a very in depth understanding of royalties, non-participating royalties, overriding royalties, and working interest. In his free time, Justin partakes in a plethora of activities, namely biking, golfing, and skiing. Justin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Colorado, with a minor in Business. Justin's focus on business was gained through his time at Griffith University in the Gold Coast of Australia.
Acquisitions Manager

Troy Dixon

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