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“Inked is like the green berets of title. They will parachute into any location in the nation, occupy a courthouse until the job is done, and produce the highest quality results in the business.”

-President of a National Title Insurance Company

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Nationwide. Detailed. Accurate. Here are our title offerings to support your development prospects!

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Surface Title

We confirm surface ownership and identify all encumbrances on your project to assist with surveying, permitting, securing title policies, and more!

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Mineral Title

Our robust experience in patent-to-present mineral research, detailing production and leasehold issues, and determining curative heirship requirements will support obtaining a title policy or leasehold policy, complying with notification requirements, and engaging in mineral acquisitions.

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Right-of-Way Title

We help with gen-tie research so you can obtain your title policy or endorsement. We are experienced in all types of right-of-way research and due diligence.

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Cursory Title

Do you need a quick check of the mineral or leasehold estate without running full mineral title? We can identify current owners based on a lease takeoff strategy.

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Competitor Lease Checks

Do you want to understand what competitors are in your area of interest? Do you want to understand development terms their leases are subject to? It may save time and money during prospecting or early development!

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Mineral Notifications

Does your city, county, or state regulatory body require you to notify mineral owners surrounding your project? We can help with research and notifications!

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Water Rights Research

We will dig into the county and state records to help determine any water rights or outsales that could impact your project.

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Curative Deliverables

If title is not clear and marketable, we can help you understand curative requirements to eliminate clouds on title.

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Due Diligence for Acquisitions and Divestitures

If you are purchasing or selling a property, a project, or a portfolio, we will identify any red flags before you market your assets or before you close your transaction. We can also provide GIS and VDR support!

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