Partner With a Professional Team to Realize the Advantages of Solar Energy!

From idea to construction, Inked will conceptualize, execute, and deliver an income producing development that allows your land to remain in your family for generations. Inked will develop a project that benefits you, your family, and your community!

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Financial. Environmental. Community. There are many benefits to Solar Development.

 Financial Benefits

Generate stable, long-term income and diversify your financial portfolio for you and your family. Keep your land in your family beyond the life of the solar project.

Environmental Benefits

No emissions or hazardous by-products. Reduce carbon footprint. Curtail use of fossil fuels. Improve air quality. Minimize noise pollution.

Community Benefits

Create jobs and boost local economy. Gain access to clean energy. Make your community’s energy mix more resilient.


Inked will navigate the steps needed to maximize the benefits of solar development!

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1 – Evaluate

Conduct feasibility on your land by studying market conditions, environmental conditions, utility capacity constraints to determine if solar development can be supported.

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2 – Partner

Agree on terms of a mutually beneficial lease or purchase agreement.

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3 – Design

Design a project to maximize landowner, utility, and community benefits.

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4 – Permit

Collaborate with local municipalities and land use authorities to permit a solar development.

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5 – Construct

Install necessary infrastructure and components pursuant to approved permits and designs.

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6 – Operate

Maintain and operate the solar facility throughout its operational life.

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7 – Decommission

Once out of operation, remove infrastructure and components, and return the land to its original state.

Partner With Inked for a Solar Development Project!