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Inked Data is a custom, web-based project management and land records solution built to meet the needs of companies acquiring or managing property rights. By linking a proprietary database to a GIS platform, Inked Data provides landmen the tools to outperform their competition by providing seamless access to ongoing projects and full property records. Because Inked Data is a web based solution, access is 24/7 anywhere an internet connection exists. The days of spreadsheets and digging for information are gone; Inked Data is here!


A few of the many benefits of Inked Data are listed below

Get Records Faster

Easily sort or search property records or permits by entity, project, landman or location

Real-time GIS

Track real time acquisition status of your project

Simplicity and Functionality

Simply produce Survey and Construction Releases

Manage Your Budget

Understand how much of your ROW budget has been spent on any project

Instant Access to Critical Documents

View any document associated with a property record

Visualize Field Communications

Know the last contact made with any property owner using Inked Data’s built in CRM

Streamlined Compliance Reporting Features

Easily export Acquisition Reports, Payment Reports, Recording Schedules and Due Diligence Reports

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