May Newsletter

As with the rest of the World, Covid-19 has changed the way Inked is
conducting business. Fortunately, our team is able and willing to work from the
comfort of our homes, and our IT infrastructure has allowed us to continue
collaboration remotely. While our ongoing projects continue to progress with
minimal interruption, we have become focused on helping our clients cut costs
and ensure their houses are in order, so to speak.

While we understand the current economic environment is challenging for your
company and your projects, we remain committed to reducing frictions, not
creating them! Whether its now, after the country re-opens, or after the
economic impacts of Covid-19 subside, CONTACT INKED to discuss how we
can add value to your surface land projects and keep your records clean,
current, and data room ready!

Visualize your Rights!

Ensure your surface use agreements and rights-of-way fit your operations
needs! Know when your surface use agreements are acquired! Effortlessly
manage and track progress of your landmen throughout the life cycle of your

Keep Your Records Clean!

Get or keep your house in order with Inked Data! By tying a proprietary web-based
database to a web-based GIS platform, Inked Data provides seamless
overviews of your systems, ongoing projects, and clean access to detailed
property records at the click of a button!
Know the real-time status of every property, every right-of-way, every surface
site, every permit, and keep your systems data room ready, all day, every day!

Budgets and Forecasting

Need help budgeting or forecasting land components of OpEx or CapEx? Inked
has experience managing, budgeting, and forecasting operating expenditures
and capital projects. Let us make your job easier!

Let’s talk about how Inked can serve your needs!