June Newsletter

Interesting times, interesting markets, and interesting project dynamics are
everywhere right now. From land agents to attorneys, from public works permits
to land use hearings, and from front porch visits to notary stamps, the land
space and the way business is conducted continues to evolve. Through it all,
Inked is still getting Ink and managing land workflows from cradle-to-operation
and beyond.

As always, we remain committed to reducing frictions, not creating them! Our
Values of Dependability, Loyalty, Fairness, Respect, and Innovation guide
everything we do. Let Inked gain your trust!


While many brokers stop at leases, grants, access easements, and permits,
Inked knows entitlements can make or break your project. Below is Lance
Fondren at the podium during a recent planning commission hearing in Weld
County, Colorado. Inked will ensure every i is dotted and every t is crossed
before we issue a Construction Release with Requirements. Inked is your full
cycle land partner!

Inked Data Dashboards

We are continually updating Inked Data to incorporate client thoughts and to
increase efficiencies where we can. Recently, we added in-app dashboards as
an option for our clients. Easily zoom to a system, a line segment, or a property,
and know the current status of each of them. Seemlessly track acquisition
costs against your AFE. Know your option payments and when they are due.
Get the latest contact report with a property owner. No more wrangling data – its
all at your fingertips!

Let Inked customize your project dashboard and let go of the hours of
spreadsheet time you put in every week – Inked Data has you covered!

Construction and Reclamation Support

At Inked, we know everything is not always peaches and cream. Things happen
that are out of your control. Whether a gate is left open and a prize bull is
unrecoverable, damage to a driveway or a utility line is realized, or a
construction contractor does not use appropriate care when reclaiming and
reseeding your landowers’ properties, a project is never complete because its
in the ground. Inked will always see it through and ensure your landowner
relations are sound for the long term.

Below are images of reclaimed rights-of-way. If you question the ‘reclaimed’
portion of that statement, so did we. Inked ensured the reclamation contractor
on these projects corrected each issue.

Grading and Water

An irrigation ditch lies to the right
side of this photo. As you can see,
construction on this right-of-way
impacted drainage. Inked made
sure this area got the attention
it needed and grade was restored!





Ditch Line Settling

This looks like a settled ditch line
to Inked. When the ditch line
takes water from downslope crops,
yields are impacted. This ditch line
needed fill and compaction.
Inked made it happen!





Crimping and Wind

This right-of-way was
constructed on in the
fall. When seeded,
temperatures were low
and crimping did not
take. Inked ensured a
contractor reseeded
again when the weather
was appropriate!




Let’s talk about how Inked can serve your needs!