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Unlocking Land Management Efficiency with Land Flow®

In the fast-paced sectors of renewable energy and utilities, efficiency is paramount. To address this need, Inked has developed Land Flow®—a comprehensive web-based platform designed to streamline land acquisition and project management processes.

We sat down with Lance Fondren, CEO, and Kris Aliabadi, Director of Land Services at Inked, to discuss how Land Flow® can add value to development projects and transform the way companies manage their site-control efforts.

If you’re new to Inked or have been a continued supporter, we hope you enjoy this conversation.

Q: What inspired the development of Land Flow®?

Lance Fondren: The idea for Land Flow® stemmed from the challenges we observed in land acquisition and management. Traditional methods, like using spreadsheets and disconnected systems, often lead to errors, inefficiencies, miscommunication, and outdated information. We couldn’t find a solution that integrated all aspects of land management into a single, user-friendly platform, so we decided to build one ourselves—and our clients and partners couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Kris Aliabadi: Absolutely. Land Flow® has been a game-changer by offering our clients a web-based platform that provides real-time data and greater control over their projects. This new tool allows our clients to access information faster and delve deeper into project details whenever needed.

Q: How can Land Flow® enhance efficiency in land acquisition projects?

Kris Aliabadi: Efficiency comes from the platform’s ability to centralize all project-related information. Whether it’s landowner details, negotiation statuses, or associated documents, everything is stored in one place. This eliminates the need to sift through multiple spreadsheets or emails, making the entire process more streamlined and efficient. And, with real-time updates, our clients can access the most current data, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

Lance Fondren: Land Flow® also offers integration with GIS (Geographic Information System) so users can visualize project progress and make informed decisions faster.

Q: How does Land Flow® improve transparency?

Kris Aliabadi: We provide full access to the information our land agents input into the system, and this data is not altered. Clients see exactly what we see, which builds trust and ensures everyone is on the same page. The transparency extends to cost tracking as well, where clients can see project expenditures in real time, helping them manage budgets more effectively.

Q: Can you provide an example of how Land Flow® adds value to a renewable energy project?

Kris Aliabadi: Sure! Consider a solar project where you need to acquire multiple parcels of land from different owners. With Land Flow®, you can track the status of each parcel, monitor negotiations, and ensure that all documents are in order. The platform’s GIS capabilities allow you to see the project’s progress on a map, making it easy to identify any gaps or issues. And, as we said before, all stakeholders can access this information in real-time. So, with everyone on the same page, the project can move forward smoothly.

Q: What makes Land Flow® accessible and user-friendly for all stakeholders?

Kris Aliabadi: The platform’s interface is intuitive, and its features are tailored to the specific needs of land management professionals. Users can quickly filter and sort properties by various criteria, view detailed maps, and access important documents with just a few clicks. We have also focused on making the platform customizable to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether through personalized dashboards or specific access levels, Land Flow® can be adapted to fit different workflows and requirements, ensuring that it becomes an invaluable tool for all users.

Lance Fondren: Our technology team is constantly improving our platform based on user feedback. That’s how we ensure a great experience for everyone. We also offer training and support to ensure that all users, regardless of their technical expertise, can effectively utilize the platform.

Q: In many of your projects, various teams and stakeholders are involved. How does Land Flow® facilitate collaboration among them?

Kris Aliabadi: Land Flow® supports multiple user roles, including project managers, land agents, GIS analysts, and clients. Each user can access and contribute to the platform based on their role, ensuring everyone has the information they need. Integrating documents, maps, and contact notes in one place allows teams to work together seamlessly, even when geographically dispersed.

Lance Fondren: In addition, the detailed reporting and real-time updates provided by Land Flow® mean that any issues can be addressed promptly. For example, if a landowner has concerns or there’s a delay in negotiations, the project manager can quickly identify these issues and take action. This proactive approach helps keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Q: How does Land Flow® compare to other tools on the market?

Lance Fondren: There are tools on the market that are excellent for identifying potential sites based on infrastructure targets and pinpointing viable properties. Land Flow® goes a step further by managing the entire acquisition campaign. Our platform focuses on executing the acquisition strategy, from initial contact to final negotiations. It’s more robust in managing large-scale campaigns and provides a comprehensive suite of tools to ensure project success.

Kris Aliabadi: Exactly. Land Flow® not only identifies viable properties but also helps structure and execute detailed acquisition campaigns. This involves everything from tracking landowner interactions to managing document submissions and contract terms. It’s a more holistic approach compared to other tools in the market.

Q: For utility companies and renewable energy developers, what are the main benefits of using Land Flow®?

Lance Fondren: Efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and accessibility! The platform handles complex data and provides detailed insights, allowing clients to make informed decisions, manage risks better, and deliver projects more successfully. The integration of GIS with project management tools in Land Flow® is particularly valuable for visualizing project progress and making strategic adjustments as needed.


Land Flow® by Inked Land Company offers a revolutionary land acquisition and management approach, providing efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and accessibility. This platform can significantly enhance project outcomes for developers and project managers in renewable energy and utility companies, making it a valuable tool in your project management arsenal.

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